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Episode 6: The NDP Platform

Listen to episode 6 here.

Kate and Tara discuss the highlights of the Ontario NDP platform, including the large social spending commitments like universal dental care and pharmacare and revenue-creating measures like tax hikes for the wealthiest Ontarians and a yearly tax on foreign home owners in the GTA.


NDP Platform PDF –


  • universal dental care
  • universal pharmacare
  • free childcare for households earning under $40,000 annually and an average of $12/day for households earning over $40,000
  • free transition drugs for trans individuals
  • $16 billion in school repairs
  • index the minimum wage to inflation and extend parameters to include all workers, including students and servers
  • turn OSAP loans into non-repayable grants
  • buy back Hydro One and reduce Hydro bills by 30% immediately
  • establish a Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions
    • cut children’s mental health waits to a 30-day max with a $590 million investment
    • hire 400 more mental health care workers to provide mental health supports in every high school
  • raise taxes by 1% on $220,000 incomes
  • raise taxes by 2% on over $300,000 incomes
  • corporate tax rate raised from 11.5% to 13%
  • GTA: annual property tax on foreign owners at 0.5% per year in 2018 and 2% in 2019
  • increase taxes on cars more than 90,000

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