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Episode 7: Feminist Policy in Ontario

Listen to episode 7 here.

Tara speaks with Toronto creative Franceta Johnson about some of what the three parties have to offer in terms of policy that helps to combat the inequality between men and women in Ontario.



  • promised they will cover up to $6,750 in childcare costs per child under the age of 15 (the average cost of childcare in Toronto is $3000/month)
  • stated would ensure individuals under the age of 18 obtain parental permission before receiving an abortion
  • promised to roll back health and sex ed curriculum reforms with greater parental input


  • pledged free childcare for children over the age of two and full day kindergarten
  • reformed Ontario’s sex ed curriculum in 2015 and plan on maintaining it
  • maintains a pro-choice position for all


  • promised to maintain Liberal’s sex ed curriculum
  • pledged free childcare for all households who earn under $40,000 annually and childcare for $12/day for households earning over $40,000
  • maintains a pro-choice position for all

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