La Petite Saison: Where Do We Go From Here?

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Tara and Kate discuss the impact of the Ontario election and give a sneak peak of what’s to come for the pod.

Though what we’re seeing with the Ford government so far is concerning to say the least, there are opportunities to make your voice heard and to make change. The first opportunity is the upcoming municipal elections across Ontario. By voting in your municipality for a city councillor, mayor, and schoolboard trustee that are championing the issues you care about, you can stand up to Doug Ford’s regressive and hurtful policies. This season, we’re talking about what municipal elections are, how to vote in them, and how to figure out who to vote for.

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Episode 8: Education

Listen to episode 8 here.


Kate interviews two teachers to get a sense of the strengths and limitations of our education system and what the three provincial parties are offering in terms of education policy in the upcoming election.



  • promised to reshape 2015 sex ed reforms with greater parental input
  • pledged reshape Ontario’s math curriculum
  • stated their government would tie university funding to free speech


  • OSAP reforms have given 225,000 students free post-secondary tuition in 2018
  • pledged $16 billion in capital grants over 10 years to fund schools
  • promised $250 million in new funding over three years to eliminate waitlists for special education
  • committed to hire 450 new guidance counsellors for grade 7 and 8 students
  • dedicated $170 million over three years in Ontario Apprenticeship Strategy


  • committed to capping Kindergarten class sizes at 26 students
  • pledged to invest $16 billion to repair existing schools
  • pledged to ensure schools teach inclusive history
  • promised a moratorium on school closures
  • promised to end EQAO testing
  • pledged to turn post-secondary OSAP loans into non-repayable grants
  • pledged to foster 27,000 paid work-integrated co-ops and internship placements
  • committed creating a Franco-Ontarian University