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Episode 9: Public Transit

Listen to episode 9 here.

Tara and Kate chat about why public transit is a social justice and a climate justice issue and what the three provincial parties are offering in terms of investment in transit. Tara and Kate also talk with people waiting for public transit at Kipling station in Toronto about what’s lacking in public transit in Toronto.

Watch the livestream of the three debates from this week:

Laidlaw Youth Town Hall:

CityTV Debate:

Northern Debate:…-ontario-election/



  • endorses all-day GO transit service to the Niagara region
  • pledged $5 billion for Toronto subway in addition to the billions already committed for public transit by the federal and provincial Liberal governments
  • stated that PCs would upload responsibility to the province for the Toronto Transit Commission’s subway infrastructure, but the city would still be responsible for day-to-day operations, as well as bus and streetcar lines, and would keep the revenue
  • supportive of  Phase Two of LiteRail in Ottawa
  • in the past, Ford voted to reduce the TTC’s funding by 10% which led to higher wait times and poorer user experiences


  • pledged $9 billion for TO subways
    • Downtown Relief Line, the Yonge North subway extension and the Waterfront light rail transit service.
    • SmartTrack has already passed a few key votes at Toronto city council and is expected to be completed by 2025. The project would see increased service on the GO line, with trains running every 5.5 to 10 minutes during peak periods.
  • stated that fares within the city will match that of the TTC, at $3 for PRESTO users
    • The cost for GO Transit trips will also be reduced to the same price for PRESTO card users who are travelling under 10 kilometres anywhere on the GO network, starting in 2019
  • committed $79 billion for public transit province-wide over 10 years
  • introduced the Ontario Seniors’ Public Transit Tax Credit, giving seniors a 15 per cent  ax credit on their public transit expenses


  • pledged to extend GO transit service to Niagara
  • committed to introducing two-way all-day service between Kitchener/Waterloo and Toronto
  • dedicated $800 million annually for transit with $330 million for the Toronto region
  • committed to restoring service on the Ontario Northlander to bring service to northern communities/inter-regionally (Toronto to Cochrane)
  • stated will cover 50% of municipal transit operating costs
  • pledged to build Hamilton’s LRT immediately
  • pledged to build Toronto’s Downtown Relief Line immediately

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