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Episode 3: The Liberal Budget

Listen to episode 3 here.


Tara and Kate sit down with 6 other young people to discuss the highlights of the provincial budget released in March 2018.


Budget website:


  • free pharmacare and dental care for individuals under the age of 25 and over the age of 65, with up to 80% of expenses refundable for those between 25 and 65 without private coverage
  • free childcare for children over the age of two
  • $19 billion in hospital spending over 10 years
  • $547 million dedicated to repairs to affordable and social housing projects over five years
  • $822-million increase in hospital funding in 2018-2019 to reduce wait times
  • committed an additional $2.1-billion over four years to mental health and addictions funding
  • $16 billion in capital grants to build new schools or improve existing ones
  • increase  OSAP awards for Indigenous students and low-income students students
  • increase minimum wage to $15/hour in January 2019

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