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Episode 2: Housing

Listen to episode 2 here

Tara and Kate talk to Toronto Housing Matters founder Chris Spoke about the price of housing in the province of Ontario and what we are seeing so far policy-wise from the three parties



  • eliminate rent controls
  • eliminate foreign buyers tax


  • maintain foreign buyers tax as a one time payment in Greater Golden Horseshoe Region
  • create more than 2,000 new housing units with a mix of market-based and affordable units


  • build 30,000 new supportive housing units over 10 years
  • 65,000 new affordable homes over 10 years
  • introduce legislation requiring developers to include affordable homes in new projects
  • introduce yearly Housing Speculation Tax on foreign buyers who own homes in Ontario
    • $5 for assessed $1000 value in 2018, rising to $20 for assessed $1000 value in 2019

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